Flexible Batch Broiling

Duke’s Flexible Batch Broiler has already transformed operations at Burger King Restaurants around the world. Find out how it can improve your operation, too!

Superior Flavor and Food Quality

  • Sealed cooking chamber consistently captures the Flame-Broiled flavor
  • Products stay hot and juicy because an entire batch can be immediately transferred to holding

Increased Broiler Capacity

  • Capable of producing 240 whoppers/hour or 360 burgers/hour
  • High throughput with the recommended PHU capacity
  • Broils an entire PHU pan of whoppers or burgers in the time a conveyor broiler can cook one similar product
  • Adaptable for new product introductions or LTOs
  • Cooks product from frozen to finish

Design and Controls for Easy Operation

  • Compact footprint fits any restaurant size
  • Stores cook cycle history for self-diagnostics and preventative maintenance scheduling
  • Simple maintenance for both the Gas and Electric models with fewer parts requiring cleaning (compared to other flexible broilers)

Significant Energy Savings

  • Both the Electric and Gas models switch to a low-energy state between cycles, unlike continuous cooking broilers that are on full-power all day
  • Sealed cooking chamber contains heat and keeps the kitchen 10 to 15°F (5.5 to 8°C) cooler than other broilers