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Efficient and economical, Duke's complete line of steamtables is available in both electric and gas hot food models. We offer a wide range of sizes with a variety of standard and optional features including stainless steel bodies, legs and undershelves; 5" casters on all electric models, plus a 5-year parts warranty.

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Aerohot Steamtables

The most economical steamtables in our lineup.

Duke's Aerohot line offers a cost-conscious solution for those who refuse to sacrific quality for price. Aerohot Steamtables feature Stainless Steel construction with sealed wells. Hot units are available in electric (that preheat up to 3X faster than competitive brands) and gas models, and feature infinite controls, plus copper drains manifolded to one brass valve as standard. Cold pan units may be ice cooled, or refrigerated in your choice of mechanically cooled or NSF Standard 7 compliant units.

Thurmaduke Steamtables

Duke manufactured the world's first "steamtable" in 1925, and this experience and expertise are evident in our Thurmaduke line of steamtables.

Constructed of only the finest materials including 16-gauge Stainless Steel, Thurmaduke units can be ordered with 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 wells. (Portable units not available in 2-well units). Electric preheat up to 3X faster than competitive brands; gas models feature individual burners rated 3500 BTU for propane in each compartment, with adjustable valves and safety pilot lights with ceramic tips.